Lucien Moreaux (luciennn) wrote in antique_ivy,
Lucien Moreaux

AI Mini-game: Anyo's Love

Introducing AI Mini-game: Anyo's Love!

Featuring AnyoxLeo and 3 endings.
**Now available in German! (Scroll down to see!)

There's also an additional secret ending! (Try to find it!)

But nope, no CGs in this one sorryyyy ;;

Look over the README for all the commands, but basically, you can go to the menu using ESC or right-click and save/load.
You can also fast-forward by clicking skip. Generally, you left-click to move along in the dialogue.

Have fun and please tell me if you find any bugs!
(I'll put up a guide for those who want to get all the endings without the work.)

Thanks and sorry to Nozo and Don for letting me make their characters very OOC <3

I'll try to do more of these in the future, now that I have a better understanding of how Ren'Py works and have more characters to work off of <3

English DL Links:

German DL Links:
**German Translation provided by Massimow (Thank you!!)

Highlight for tips!

Bad Ending: Be mean to Leo every opportunity you get.
Anyo's Ending (Normal): Think about what Anyo would do.
Leo's Ending (Best): Think about what Leo would want of Anyo in an ideal world.
Special Ending: Try to see a pattern in the choices you're given.
There are multiple ways to reach some of these endings, but here are one of the ways for each.
Bad Ending:
"Date? What date?"
Choose anything but the couple keychain set
"Are you kidding me?"
Anyo's Ending (Normal):
"Sorry, I was worried about something else…"
Choose anything but the couple keychain set
"Sure, let's get them."
"I don't know"
Leo's Ending (Best):
"Of course not!"
"Couple Keychain Set"
"I love you too"
Special Ending:
"Date? What date?"
"Reading doujinshi"
"Deformed Leo"
"Deformed Leo Doll"
"No, I want you to keep the deformed Leo doll!"
(Though you didn't treat Leo too well, you'll still get the fountain scene.)
"Sorry, but I love someone else"
"Deformed Leo" (You'll only have this as an option if you chose deformed Leo doujinshi and doll before!)
Have fun!


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